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Research Highlights

Salmonella on Turkey Skin (March 2015)

Survival of Salmonella in Snack Sandwiches (March 2015)

Naturally Occurring Virucidal Agents (March 2015)

Selective media for Campylobacter (March 2015)

Salmonella Serotyping Through Whole Genome Sequencing (November 2014)

Detection of Parasites in Produce Wash Water (November 2014)

Reduction of Pathogens on Cantaloupes (November 2014)

Assessing risk for listeriosis (July 2014)

Reduction of STECs and Salmonella on beef trim (July 2014)

Nixtamalization reduces fumonisin toxicity (July 2014)

Model for estimating norovirus infectivity (March 2014)

Control of pathogens in biofilms (March 2014)

Survival of Salmonella on dried fruits (March 2014)

Salmonella in chicken bones and neck skin (November 2013)

Cross-contamination between slicers and deli foods (November 2013)

Modelling survival of Salmonella at low aw (November 2013)

Sanitizing pecan nutmeats (July 2013)

Pathogen inactivation on gloves (July 2013)

Packaged ice quality raises concern (July 2013)

Norovirus cross-contamination with/without gloves (March 2013)

Reduction of L. monocytogenes in biofilms and floor drains (March 2013)

Survival of pathogens in frozen fruits (March 2013)

Behavior of Salmonella on cantaloupes (November 2012)

Essential oils control Salmonella in broilers (November 2012)

Reducing Salmonella and norovirus in soil (November 2012)

Evaluation of L. monocytogenes virulence (July 2012)

Intestinal bacteria linked to health and Salmonella control in chickens (July 2012)

Biomarkers for aflatoxin (July 2012)

Evaluation of sanitizers for pecans (March 2012)

Field treatment of tomatoes reduces microbial counts (March 2012)

Viral cross-contamination of produce with utensils (November 2011)

Behavior of pathogens in reduced-sodium deli salads (November 2011)

Managing Salmonella on the poultry farm (November 2011)

Controlling L. monocytogenes biofilm (August 2011)

Sanitation of lettuce coring tools (August 2011)

Detection of aflatoxin using raman spectroscopy (August 2011)

YouTube Video describing research on a new food wash (March 2011)

Could Clostridium difficile-associated disease be foodborne (March 2011)

Salmonella on raw poultry in emerging international markets (March 2011)

Reduction of Salmonella on pecans by heat treatment (March 2011)

Inactivation of E. coli O157:H7 and Salmonella on alfalfa seeds (March 2011)

Salmonella in poultry is unaffected by type of protein meal in feed (Nov. 2010)

Vaccination reduces Salmonella in chicken carcasses (Nov. 2010)

Occurence and persistence of pre-harvest internalized E. coli O157:H7 (Nov. 2010)

Non-selective enrichment for rapid detection of foodborne pathogens (July 2010)

Improved methods for detecting norovirus (July 2010)

Decontamination of chicken cages and pre-harvest chickens (July 2010)

Potential targets for detecting Cryptosporidium (July 2010)

Efficacy of sanitizing wipes for viruses and Salmonella (March 2010)

Behavior of Salmonella in high water activity pecans (March 2010)

Virulence among strains of Cronobacter sakazakii (March 2010)

Silver-impregnated plastic lacks antimicrobial activity (Nov. 2009)

Antimicrobial activity of cinnamic aldehyde (Nov. 2009)

Salmonella on organic and conventional poultry farms (Nov. 2009)

Improving methods for recovery of noroviruses (July 2009)

Behavior of Salmonella in salsa (July 2009)

Evidence that E. coli O157:H7 does not internalize lettuce by surface inoculation (July 2009)

Potential for E. coli O157:H7 internalization into leafy greens (July 2009)

Toxoplasma: A hidden epidemic? (March 2009)

Ecology of E. coli O157:H7 on leafy greens (March 2009)